Thermal study of XPT 20

Study Report

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Study Report

Analyzed File finalhefv1 v37
Version Autodesk Fusion 360 (2.0.8156)
Creation Date 2020-03-10, 11:17:40
Author korvs

 Project Properties


 Simulation Model 1:1

 Study 3 – Thermal

 Study Properties
Study Type Thermal
Last Modification Date 2020-05-10, 11:15:44


Contact Tolerance0.1 mm
Global Initial Temperature20 C
Average Element Size (% of model size)
  Solids 10
Scale Mesh Size Per Part No
  Average Element Size (absolute value)
Element Order Parabolic
Create Curved Mesh Elements No
Max. Turn Angle on Curves (Deg.) 60
Max. Adjacent Mesh Size Ratio 1.5
Max. Aspect Ratio 10
Minimum Element Size (% of average size) 20
 Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Number of Refinement Steps 0
Results Convergence Tolerance (%) 20
Portion of Elements to Refine (%)10
Results for Baseline AccuracyHeat Flux


ComponentMaterialSafety Factor
Body1SteelYield Strength
Body10ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body11ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body12ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body13ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body14ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body15ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body16ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body17ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body18ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body19ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body20ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body21Titanium 6Al-4VYield Strength
Body22PorcelainYield Strength
Body23ABS PlasticYield Strength
Body24Titanium 6Al-4VYield Strength
Body25Rubber, NitrileYield Strength
Body26Rubber, NitrileYield Strength
Body27SteelYield Strength
HEF:1/Body18Steel, Chrome PlatedYield Strength
HEF:1/Body19Steel, Chrome PlatedYield Strength
HEF:1/Body26ABS PlasticYield Strength
HEF:1/Body28Copper, AlloyYield Strength
HEF:1/Body33ABS PlasticYield Strength
HEF:1/Body34ABS PlasticYield Strength
HEF:1/Body35ABS PlasticYield Strength
HEF:1/Body36ABS PlasticYield Strength
Density7.85E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus210000 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.3
Yield Strength207 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength345 MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.056 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.2E-05 / C
Specific Heat480 J / (kg C)
 ABS Plastic
Density1.06E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus2240 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.38
Yield Strength20 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength29.6 MPa
Thermal Conductivity1.6E-04 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient8.57E-05 / C
Specific Heat1500 J / (kg C)
 Steel, Chrome Plated
Density7.85E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus199959 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.3
Yield Strength248.2 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength399.9 MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.045 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.17E-05 / C
Specific Heat480 J / (kg C)
 Rubber, Nitrile
Density1.2E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus2 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.49
Yield Strength15 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength15 MPa
Thermal Conductivity2.43E-04 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.6E-04 / C
Specific Heat1966 J / (kg C)
 Copper, Alloy
Density8.92E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus115000 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.33
Yield Strength130 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength350 MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.38 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient1.6E-05 / C
Specific Heat385 J / (kg C)
 Titanium 6Al-4V
Density4.43E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus113763 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.35
Yield Strength882.5 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength1034 MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.0067 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient8.6E-06 / C
Specific Heat526.3 J / (kg C)
Density3.4E-06 kg / mm^3
Young’s Modulus0 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0
Yield Strength0 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength0 MPa
Thermal Conductivity0.002092 W / (mm C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient0 / C
Specific Heat753 J / (kg C)


[S] Bonded1 [HEF:1(Body26)||HEF:1(Body28)]
[S] Bonded2 [HEF:1(Body26)||HEF:1(Body28)]
[S] Bonded3 [HEF:1(Body26)||HEF:1(Body28)]
[S] Bonded4 [HEF:1(Body19)||HEF:1(Body36)]
[S] Bonded6 [HEF:1(Body18)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded8 [HEF:1(Body18)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded10 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded11 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded16 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded17 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded18 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded19 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded24 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body18)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded26 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body17)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded28 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body16)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded30 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body15)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded34 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body13)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded36 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body12)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)]
[S] Bonded39 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body10)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded44 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body1)||HEF:1(Body19)]
[S] Bonded46 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body19)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body25)]
[S] Bonded47 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body22)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body24)]
[S] Bonded48 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body21)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body22)]
[S] Bonded49 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||HEF:1(Body34)]
[S] Bonded50 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||HEF:1(Body33)]
[S] Bonded51 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body20)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded52 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body19)||Simulation Model 1:1(Body23)]
[S] Bonded53 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body10)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded54 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body10)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded55 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body10)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded56 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body1)||HEF:1(Body35)]
[S] Bonded57 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body1)||HEF:1(Body36)]
[S] Bonded58 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body27)||HEF:1(Body19)]
[S] Bonded59 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body27)||HEF:1(Body26)]
[S] Bonded61 [Simulation Model 1:1(Body26)||HEF:1(Body26)]



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 Applied Temperature3
TypeApplied Temperature
Value300 C
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Convection Value1 W / (m^2 K)
Ambient Temperature20 C
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